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In case you want to invite NW to your event, festival, seminar, forum, academic shit, new media stuff, literary bullshit, workshop, skateboarding, collaboration projects, drinking binges, blah-blah-blah... here are the five golden rays:
  1. Make sure there's liquor after the gig and a safe place to rest and smoke without having to justify shit.
  2. Transportation, fool. You, whoever you are, need to take care of this shit.
  3. Assign a key person that would assist NW in his shit while he's in your turf.
  4. Some food may be nice but not required. 
  5. NW gets it after the shit. Whatever it is, the honorarium check/cash/gifts/drugs/liquor, etc, whatever it is you peeps are offering in return. 
Aside from the above rules, it is understood that you, whoever you are, would assist NW in case cops show up. Or some other government hassle. NW's time is too valuable to deal with those motherfuckers. 

The above shit is self-explanatory. If you want to go ahead and invite me to a drinking binge, just fill-up the fucking form and wait for a reply. 


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In case you're wondering what that picture above was all about, it was a public forum in PUP. The subject was transgressive literature.

It was a day like no other. A lot of epiphany that day. It was a day of awakening for most of those naive students.

We all had a lot of fun. And the honorary check aside, NW feels well-compensated already because those kids learned valuable life lessons that day.

Some of them would surely drop-out of school to find some other meaningful life vocations.

And everyone was pretty sure this guy had an orgasm.

Photos from PUP Creative Writing Center.

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