Thursday, April 19, 2012

K.D. of Goodreads digs Responde!

The book deserves to be liked. It is a huge improvement from the first two books. It is composed of 13 short innovative short stories that are comparable with the works of Raymond Carver, my favorite short story writer. My other favorites, Flannery O'Connor and Alice Munro are in different spheres because their short stories are longer and more comprehensive. Haruki Murakami is also a good short story writer but he uses magical realism so he belongs to a different frequency in the dial of my radio.

There is a couple of short stories out of the 13 that I found amazing. One made me laugh because of the tongue-in-cheek brutality kung di ka ba naman utak ng ipis iisipin mong Amerikano sya (if you were not cockroach-brained, you would think of him as an American). I laughed out loud because Wilwayco caught me offhand.

The short story titles and my individual ratings and short comments:

Drug War - the motivation of the characters to do what they do seems not very clear to me but the storytelling style is refreshing - 3 stars

ASIN LIVE - it made me reflect on how I was as a father to my growing-up daughter - 4 stars

Larawan - similar to the first story. Poignant and dramatic. Very interesting twists. Some of them really surprising. Very unpredictable. - 5 stars

Dangal - very good concept. I loved the characters. This made me laugh out loud. Crazy! - 5 stars

kung paano ko inayos ang buhok ko matapos ang mahaba-habang paglalakbay - the sub-title that this won the 2000 Palanca awards distracted me. I mean I was expecting this to blow me off and it didn't. It's kind of confusing but still a good story or stories. - 3 stars

Dugyot - the story was able to create images in my mind. Very scary. I would not want to be in that environment. It's good that I don't use drugs. - 3 stars

Imat - reminded me of my hometown. We also had that kind of person but he was male. I did not like the normal characters but I saw the message. - 4 stars

Kahon - kind of preachy for me. Again, maybe I was expecting this to be great because it won the Amado Hernandez National Award for Literature in 1999, so after reading it, I said "oh, is that it?" I even liked the other works. Maybe I am not a well-trained critic and will never have a chance to seat as a juror in literature awards - 2 stars

Mga Bagay na Wala Kami - very sad. Reminded me of my hometown when the river rose up to the riverbank when I was a young man in the province. Very moving. - 3 stars

Pulutan - OMG. This is freaking sad! Now, I can feel why my wife complained when our neighbors who were all drunkards killed and ate a street dog. Simple and straightforward storytelling yet it pitches the heart if you are a dog lover like me. - 4 stars

Tony Heart Floren - this reminded me of what Wilwayco said in the interview that isang problema lang laglag na yang mga middle-class na yan! (only 1 crisis and the middle-class people or family will find themselves in the gutter or something to that effect). I also liked the structure of the story. Nice effort. - 4 stars

Trip kong Lumipad - this reminded me of Eros Atalia's "Ligo na u, Lapit na me" because of the characters. I was not able to relate to any of them but feels like an honest story. - 2 stars.

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