Thursday, October 08, 2009

Steve Banners Monologue

These lazy-ass bastards perfectly deserve what they have right now. Their leaders, every single one of them, is shit to the very core. Sorry excuse for a president. Fucking bastards can’t fucking figure out themselves how to govern their own country. Jesus, the filipinos has been freed from colonialism 400 years ago! How long do they need to get their shit together? This country is haven of thieves, that’s what I say. Thieving officials, thieving workers, thieving street punks, even waitresses, even professors! Fucking thieves disguising as intellectuals! Intellectual my ass, you dumb asian nigger! Fucking sorry excuse for human race. Let’s face it, mr. professor. It’s in your very core, you stupid filipinos! Compared to the rest of asia, you pinoys are the fucking lowest in class. Barely Asian, as the japs say. Hell, you’re barely humans! You apes fuck your own mothers, sisters and daughters! Fathers, brothers, sons! You people fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow! Look at the fucking population for christ’s sake. Unemployed father of twelve. All the kids would grow up with the rest of the people shouldering the expenses these thieving fuckers consume in different prisons across the fucking island. What the fuck! Give me a break! People living in shitholes. Squatter motherfuckers! Squatters everywhere. These rats infest the cities. Not that the city doesn’t need infesting, mind you, with all the same type of rats living here. Jesus, what’s wrong with this country? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. They’re low-class. In the human evolution, the sorry pathetic people infesting this country is way down below. Even sorrier than cockroach shit. Motherfucker. I’ve never seen a sorrier country than this. Even sorrier than the jews. Everything here is bullshit. This is like the garbage dump of the world when it comes to civilization. Shit, a garbage pile is the closest these motherfuckers wout ever get to civilization. These motherfuckers are fucking cannibals. No use for the human race except maybe for sexual slavery. Oh yeah! These perverts love to take it up the ass. Ass fucking motherfuckers! No wonder this country ranks way up high in the red light business. This is a horny nation. A horny nation of thieving motherfuckers. Motherfuckers fucking and jerking each other off while killing each other. No concept at all about community and decent way of living. This whole dog island is tearing itself apart. That’s where I come in. I contribute to the chaos and destruction of this island for good! That’s right, motherfuckers! Let’s give this nigger island what it deserve. Some good old american companies to suck its resources and finances and bury the hatchet even deeper by extending ridiculous loans, and at the same time, some sweet old ass-fuck from your sweet uncle sam who has come to show you the light. Light indeed that you will see when I ream my seven-inch american beef right into your horny native-tight ass! Oh yeah, you like it bitch? You like taking it up in the rear? Just like what your father and sick horny brothers and crazy uncles do to you? Spread that brown cheeks apart, bury your ugly face on the floor, and take all of me, sing hallelujah, worship me, motherfucker!


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Tanginang buhay eto.

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Every country have their own share of shits. Chinese eat fetuses, motherfucking babies, for crying out loud. Middle Easterns are fucking rapists and the Japs are utter weirdos. And oh, Americans! The most ridiculous race on the planet. Your country makes the stupidest decisions and you produce the stupidest people. So see, we're all on same ground.


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