Monday, February 02, 2009

Gerilya Update

I was out skating the other night with the Bookay boys. My left foot still hurts from a previous injury. While resting I asked my agent how's the pre-ordering stuff going. He took his time, before he said, 'around 20 or so peeps have pre-ordered and paid for a copy'.

That gets me to think about this book really getting to be a major pain in our collective asses. For a moment, I put myself in his shoes. How hard it must be for him to sell something that doesn't even have a physical form, yet. All they have really is the name of the author and the palanca award as proofs that Gerilya is a great novel and deserves to be printed. These boys invade the facebook, multiply, friendster, etc. They post everywhere. From time to time, i receive barrages of texts/emails from these boys promoting the novel. They come up with several creative and outrageous promotional shit, all in the name of sellling something which they believe would be a great book.

For all their efforts, we got 20 or so orders. Way behind the targeted 200.

With my foot still injured, i have less time skating and more time to drink, smoke and just think/reflect. And I think/reflect about those 20 or so people who have pre-ordered and paid for a copy of my book and it makes me wonder how hard it must be for them to partake of their money trusting their instincts that this shit's gonna be a great book.

A critic said, referring to me, "how hard it must be for a writer (me) to write for someone who ignore him." I can see now that that's not the case. These 20 or so people took the effort to fill-up a form and actually pay for the book. Whatever their reasons, it's them. I don't feel ignored. To you 20 or so peeps, be patient. Hey, more than anything, I want the book printed too, the soonest possible. Fuck the launching. This shit's straight to the shelves.

But at the rate we're going, I am considering (although I hate this shit) to talk to some peeps who can help about the financing. I have a friend who's into several business ventures.

I am actually waiting for his call while writing this.


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    maybe everybody resorted to just downloading the pdf file to save some cash. it's a good read, and i will fill out a form for you.

  2. sana lahat katulad mo. :)


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