Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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The Revolutionary Road of Norman Wilwayco in "Gerilya"

The infectious conviviality of the literati over Miguel Syjuco's win in last year's Man Asian Literary Prize for "Ilustrado" has stirred some new hopes and old inspiration among aspiring writers, finding optimism in foreign prizes and subsequent funding for publication. Not to offend our weak publishing industry, the Philippines is not really a very encouraging place for someone to be a writer - - no one becomes a writer here solely by profession - - because more than the necessity of artful expression, one must not forget the need to survive, to eat three meals a day, to live. While Syjuco is rest assured of getting himself a publisher - - a known publisher at the least - - fellow writer Norman Wilwayco, who won the Palanca for "Gerilya," is not even getting a muck of his success. A few months ago, he had put his novel online, available for everyone to download, for free. The ignorant may call that act "brave" and "revolutionary" but more than anything else, it is a sign of desperation initiated by a writer, who, despite his notoriety and prize-winning works, still has to wrestle with demons bigger than his own. In this terrible state of justice there can only be a profound pain to endure. more>>


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    you're a very gifted writer, Norman. I know the ones who judge the Palanca (at least the ones who do the novels); some of them are friends. i hope you continue writing, for all of us who do read and who do care. we may be few, but we remain.

  2. by the way, i'm linking to your site ha. i just bought Mondomanila (along with Axel Pinpin's book of poetry) kanina sa Bookay.

  3. by all means, the honor is mine, link this shit. thanks for buying my book. astig ka pre.

  4. Anonymous9:49 PM

    kapag nasa department na ako, mga katulad ng trabaho nyo ipapabasa ko sa buong semestre. tama na ang diplomasya- ito ang kailangan ng mga nag-aaral ng literatura!

  5. Anonymous7:41 PM

    tangina! wasak ka tlga pre!

    Idol NorMan, ur da Man!

    gerilya ung pang finals na paper na ginagawa ko. book review.

    pasend naman ng biography mo para matapos na tong kalokohang finals.

    pasend sa email: jake_marco01@y.c

    nainspire ako sa gawa mo. pdf ko nabasa gerilya pero bumili na ng Mondomanila this week ln.

    next target, responde.

    pg my pera pa suporta ako sa gerliya.

    cge pre salamat tlga.
    Continue writing. More eyes should be opened.


  6. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Mr. norman, nangangailangan ako ng puyblisher. ako ay bagong mahuhulat.. maraming salamat..
    maari mo ba akong matulungan?

  7. ^self-publish pre. yan ang ginawa ko sa gerilya.



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