Monday, December 01, 2008

Gerilya (new book by norman wilwayco--now available for download)

You can stop bitching about it now. Norman Wilwayco's Gerilya will finally be running through the presses. All you have to do is check out order form and sign up. Take a short while to fill up the form, and wait for the book to be delivered right at your doorstep--and we don't mean stand by your door an hour after you sign up. Delivery will take some time. But your boredom over waiting around concerns us and might keep us awake at night, so here's the deal. You can download the Gerilya manuscript online here —for free. That's right--free. You don't have to dance for it, look cute for it, write a frigging essay about how worthy you are to get a free download of it--there's no catch. The first 100 who pre-order get to have their names printed on the actual book. Why? Because we think it's a cool idea.

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  1. boss master gad iwa. na nadownload ko na. mag sasign up parin ako kasi gusto kong mapublish.

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    'stig nice video promotion. :D --ara


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