Thursday, December 18, 2008

another satisfied customer...

Check out her blog. Sana yung mga gustong umorder ng gerilya, umorder na para maka-abot na kami sa kailangang bilang at nang makapagpa-print na.

I just got my copies of Iwa's MondoManila and Responde yesterday. But before that, i finally saw and got to set foot on the Bookay bookstore. I've been to the Tomato Kick area many times di ko man lang siya napansin. And then now, i finally own copies of them. Glorious. Also paid for my copy of Gerilya. Sana ma-print na siya. i'm one of the first 100 who paid for a printed copy so i get to have my name printed on it. That book was what actually got me started on Iwa's books. he's got an alternative style of writing fiction, at least, that's what i gleaned from Responde and Gerilya. and he writes in Filipino, too. oh yeah, i started reading Responde just this morning. i don't know why but the urge was just stronger for me to open Responde than MondoManila, which was what won him the 2002 Don Carlos Palanca Grand Prize for novels.

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