Wednesday, November 05, 2008


To all the people out there awaiting the release of Norman Wilwayco's new book Gerilya, there's been a delay and don't expect the shit to come out this year. A lot of shit has happened since the book's conception, the actual writing, the citations and awards, etc.

But the main reason is this: Norman Wilwayco's publisher backed out of the deal because she is broke and have other shit to attend to. Why she committed to publish the book in the first place is beyond reason. And Wilwayco is truly, and completely pissed about the subject. He later confided to some fans that he is in a murderous rage these days.

However, according to Wilwayco's spokesperson, on December, Norman Wilwayco will be seeking a new interested party to publish his book. Until then, he is in seclusion and cannot be reached.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this proposed cover, motherfuckers!

If you are interested in bankrolling the shit, you may contact Wilwayco's agent here.

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  1. Bok,

    Congrats! I hope I would be able to buy a copy soon.

    I am certain this would become a relevant contribution to the literature on Phil. Left.

    A good read for former tibaks who'd like to reminisce fearless times then...


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