Tuesday, November 18, 2008

another satisfied customer...

I have long been looking for Norman Wilwayco's books but they seem to sell out even before they are put in bookstores. Responde, luckily, is still on the shelves of MagNet Greenbelt during the Spanish Filmfest, and I immediately bought it right then and there, and read it by the time I got home. Talk about easy and fun reading, the next day I am already looking for copies of Mondomanila and Gerilya. But to no avail. Responde's stories are far from great; they are rough, insatiable, and full of vigor yet they really have no intention to sweep you away. I can feel Wilwayco's blood running in each of his stories, they are breathing with life that came from him, he is their unmistakable father, creator. Lesson learned: don't ask your nanay what hindot or iyot means. She might just throw that book out of the window.

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