Tuesday, July 01, 2008

another satisfied customer...

Gago pala si Ninoy?

(Ang sumusunod ay cut and paste mula sa blog ni sonofaditch. salamat sa oras mo tol! astig ka!)

That's one of the things I learned from Norman Wilwayco's Mondomanila (Kung Paano Ko Inayos ang Buhok Ko Matapos ang Mahaba-haba ring Paglalakbay) 2002 Palanca Grand Prize Awardee.

Critics have compared Wilwayco's novel to Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag and Trainspotting. Personally, the novel reads like Catcher in the Rye -- only with drugs, LOTS of sex, and starring a vengeful, sociopathic ECE graduate from UP. hahahaha

I spent the whole night reading through this sordid tale of lives being lived out in the squalor of Manila. Depressing, enlightening, shocking (as in garapalan walang preno) but oftentimes laugh-out-loud funny, it's a damn fine novel -- if you don't mind a generous helping of Filipino invectives and obcenities splattered around the pages. Para akong nagcrash-course...Pagmumura 101 hahahaha

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