Thursday, March 13, 2008

office skateboarding

This morning upon arriving at the office, my boss said "Norman, you ride your skateboard to work everyday. But once you reach the lobby, carry it in your arms. You can't skate in the lobby. You can't skate around the office perimeters. It fucks up the carpet."

So, from what she said i can deduce the following:

  1. Those miserable people who can't walk and use a wheelchair to ride from one place to another, well their happy days are over. Either they leave their wheelchairs in the receptionist and crawl in the hallway and in the offices or they shouldn't come at all. BECAUSE THEIR FUCKING WHEELCHAIRS FUCK-UP THE CARPET.
  2. Those pathetic dudes who collapse in the middle of the day due to work and stress, well they can't wheel in a stretcher. BECAUSE STRETCHER WHEELS WILL SURELY FUCK-UP THE NICE AND SOFT OFFICE CARPET.
  3. The fucking waterboy must not use his cart. He must carry the jugs of water on his shoulders because HIS CART WILL SURELY FUCK-UP THE CARPET.

This list is just partial. I can think of a thousand cases that involve wheels and carpets. But what the fuck, right? As Tony de Guzman said, what can you expect from motherfuckers?

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